Want to peak perform? Make your goals HAPPY! – Antoni Lacinai

Why is it so easy to reach some goals, and so bloody hard to reach other? Let’s face it. Some goals are really boring and demotivating. Like a customer service group, whose “goals” are to finish an incoming call within 30 seconds. That’s actually a stupid assignment and not really a goal.

Then you have wishful thinking. Nothing wrong with wanting to loose a few pounds for instance. But it’s still not a goal. Or what about mixing up goals with strategies. “We should target old people with an active lifestyle”. Strategy? Yes. Goal? No.

But then you have some goals who are filled with energy and clarity. Goals you absolutely want to reach. Those are the goals you should aim for.

Gurus within goal psychology claims that if you set a proper goal, you will increase your performance by roughly 15-30 %. That is quite a lot!

But what is a proper goal then? Well, it turns out, it’s a HAPPY goal. Let’s take it step by step. A goals that make you into a high performer is:

H = Hard. Yes, really. Hard but not impossible. If it is too easy, you don’t need to work for it. If it is too hard, you won’t even try. Of course when you start off your journey, you can divide the hard goal into easy-to-do sub-goals. That builds momentum.

A = Attractive. You either want to run away from something bad or you want to go toward something great. From a motivation and energy perspective, it is almost always better and more fun to strive towards something great.

P = Precise. Synonyms are Clear and Specific. This is the most important factor for calling it a goal at all, and it also makes it measurable. The other parts are performance enhancers but without the goal being precise, it is a strategy, an assignment or wishful thinking.

P = Punctual. A goal without a deadline, is more often than not, a dream. Better then to have an agreed timeframe and an end date.

Y = Yours. A goal within your control is often more motivating, than if it is the hands of others, outside your control. Of course you can have both a “what”-goal for e.g. an organization, which you turn into some “how”-goals that you have control over.

Go for the HAPPY goals if you want to reach your them easier, faster and have more fun along the way.

Good luck



Antoni Lacinai helps good people improve their communication skills, so that they reach their goals faster, and have more fun.